The Fool’s Journey

Our life journey is represented by the tarot-oriented metaphor, as fool’s journey. Every human being stands on a particular stage on our journey, which is represented by the major arcana list of cards. This can be defined as an experience that is incorporated by the individuals to attain wholeness. All these twenty-two descriptions are only based on the keywords of the cards of the major arcana. You can see the keywords to be highlighted on the text, whereas the card numbers are after the parenthesis.

Let us start with the Fool (0)

This is where we start up. Innocent faith is what that drives us to take the journey which has twists and turns. The fool is born new at the start of the trip.  He or she is open, fresh and completely spontaneous. Having his arms flung wide, as you can see in the card, the fool is prepared to face the world naturally. He is prepared to embrace anything that comes on the way. He is just about to cross the cliff edge as you can see in the symbol of Card (0). He is unaware of all the hardships at that juncture. As he is venturing out, he is sure to learn the worldly lessons, eventually.

He is standing somewhat outside the major arcana. It is quite a rare number to find in the spread. It is in the middles of the total deck of the tarot cards. It can be poised entirely between the negatives and the positives. Just like the roulette spinning wheel pointing at the zero.  It is a place to make money legit ways. The secrets to winning on slot machines, is something that is not known to all. There are no secrets as such on how to win on penny slot machines. Even the makers of the software are not really knowing the answers but only leaving it to the automation. Whereas in the case of Tarot cards, the situation is entirely fresh. You are open to the criticisms, comments and lessons to be taught by the witches, and ghosts, on your way. There are gold and diamond to be gifted on your way for your wisdom, efforts and valiance. Yet, the ultimate goal is to attain wholeness. To integrate and understand the reality is the final objective.

This is not the case with the modern cards games like black jack though, even in the case of other sports things vary by far from Tarot deck of cards. That is why there are no tricks to winning on slot machines. There are no lessons on how to find loose slot machines. There are no mentors to guide you precisely on how to beat video slot machines. If you find anyone to be saying that they know pretty well on how to win on slot machines in gas stations, then that is a lie. Future is unpredictable. It is foreseen effectively to warn you through the tarot reading. So, choose your side. You can be a reader or a seeker. It is only possible based on your innate potential.