How to learn tarot in a day?

To learn tarot just in one day, all you have to be doing is to learn or cram all the symbols and the meanings of the 78 cards. It is not impossible, provided you have the best interests to master the art of clairvoyance. It was merely a card game as it was intended for in the 15th century. Yet, the powerful meaning in the symbols were later realized only in the twentieth century by specific few masters and pros in the Tarot reading. They realized that there are mystical powers related to these symbols, which can be related to fun, delight, fortune or black shadows. That is something that pulled in the attention of majority of the new readers to gain interest into this something to understand the subconscious power better.

The attempts were made only shallow, under most of the circumstances. To understand the art of tarot reading to the fullest one must spend at least a year to start to read tarot and interpret the meaning to the other seekers. Spreading is another intricate art in tarot reading. When the spreading is not done right, the pattern becomes erroneous. When the pattern is erroneous then the reading is controversial to the facts at times. That is where mistakes happen that leads to misconceptions about the entire system. Therefore, tarot in a day is something like a joke. One cannot master any subject that is so deep, in just a day’s time.

What is the best way to learn tarot?

The ideal ways to learn tarot is to take time in the process. Make it silly simple. Divide and conquer is the rule. So, does the learners here. If they are avid learners with keen enthusiasm to master the tarot reading art, then they have to first understand the point that you have to take it one at a time. This is the secret to master the art. Major arcana can be your beginning to chase the rest down eventually when you have your confidence built already. Suite can be your option too.

How do I compare tarot cards to gambling with poker?


To win in a tarot game all it takes is knowledge, wisdom, and the sharp wit to understand.


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Who can master the art?

Mastering Tarot is not meant for all. You must have innate qualities that can only make you a great tarot reader. Otherwise, you can only be a seeker despite your knowledge about the tarot symbols and the related facts.