How to Memorize all the Tarot Card Meanings

Tarot card meanings to be memorized can be hard for some beginners. Do not have to worry, as there are hundreds of others who may feel just like that. When there are 78 different types of tarot cards with different interpretations and different meanings, it is quite natural to get confused at one point of time or the other. Again, that is not all, though. The meaning can further vary only based on the type of book that you choose to read. Else, the meaning varies with the type of Tarot version that you are playing.

Relationship spread

Considering the career spread with that of the relationship spread, you have many differences to note down. You have the same tarot cards to show different meanings based on the spread. Therefore, naturally it is a daunting task to rightly ascertain and understand the complete meanings of all the cards that are part of the Tarot types that you may choose to play. It might take even months for one to memorize all the symbols and the meanings.

Major arcana

As you have to start somewhere, you can do so begin first with the major arcana. It is highly complex to begin here. Instead, you can try starting with the suite, which is far simpler with no further inner complexities to understand unlike major arcana.  As you are working with only limited number of tarot cards, you can start to learn quickly rather than trying to make out of all 78 cards of tarot.

It is a quite good idea to create the keyword cheat sheets meant for the tarot cards. It is a good way to turbo charger the tarot readings. Tarot card keywords that are existing can be used or else you can make you own too. Pros do it as homework in gambling slots. Their best time to go to casino to win is no fixed period in the same way. You can choose to gamble at any point of time as you please to do so. That is how to manipulate a slot machine with strategies alone but not with any other tricks.

Similarly, once you have prepared the tarot chart sheet, just make sure that you are laminating the sheet. It can be durable enough to be referred for long time. Keep it somewhere prominent so that you can see it often. Tarot words and the keywords are seen quite often in that way. It stands out in memory. There are pros who say they know how to cheat a slot machine with a magnet. It is not possible when you are playing on the right sites though. Similarly, without mastering the basics, you may not use the chart sheets for tarot cards as a tool to memorize the meaning. Pay attention to details. You can keep a couple of helpful tarot keywords in your sleeves. Try writing a journal if needed to memorize faster. Avid reading about the tarot related new, and updates, can be of best help.