5 Facts About Tarot Cards That You Did Not Know

There are many myths and legends surrounding tarot cards; these are five facts that can bring a new light on them for you.

Tarot Taboo – Sis Loves Me

Sis Loves Me - Step Sis Series
Sis Loves Me – Step Sis Series

Tarot cards could be responsible for some taboo content available to watch on the Web. Popular demand of Sis Loves Me series where step sisters are having an actual intercourse with their step brothers is certainly one of many controversial subjects. Sis Loves Me debuted back in 2016 and it continues to shock us with its scenarios today. Every possible daily life situation leading to unexpected sex between step siblings.

While this is how they were conceived, this game dates back to the 15th century.

Tarot Cards Started As Regular Game Cards

Tarot cards were not designed and created to tell fortune or anything similar, in fact, they were first the cards to play a game under the name of Tarocchi.

While this is how they were conceived, this game dates back to the 15th century.

According to researchers and specialists, the first time that the cards were used to tell the future was three centuries later in the 18th century.

Since then and up to this date (three centuries later), Tarocchi has been long forgotten and tarot cards are solely used for fortune telling.

No Cards In A Tarot Deck Are Bad

Although there are some scary cards you can get in the tarot deck, they are not necessarily bad.

For example, devil and death cards do not necessarily mean anything bad; they can just mean the end of an era and that you are out of dark times or just ready for a big change in your life.

Lose your fears of getting a “bad” tarot reading since such a thing does not exist.

It is important that you understand that tarot is guidance, not ultimate truth; you are the architect of your future, always.

Tarot is the most popular of them all.

The Most Popular Form Of Divination Is Tarot

While it is true that there are many types of divination in the world such as crystal balls, tea leaves, coffee leftovers, wands and palms among many others, tarot is the most popular of them all, and the most believable.

The reason that the cards became the most popular is related to the ease of access to them plus the ease of learning how to interpret the results.

It is also said that the cards themselves don´t have any powers, but it is the power of fate and the talent of psychics using them that is channeled in a session bringing different results in different sessions.

Same But Different

Traditional cards and tarot cards are not so different from each other as people might think.

While traditional cards have four suits and 52 cards, the tarot deck features five suits and 78 cards. Both of them have images and numbers and while traditional cards have Jokers, the tarot deck has a fool card that serves the same purpose.

Finally, they are almost always in the same size and weight as regular playing cards and can be take anywhere easily.

In short, anyone can learn how to do it and do it.

Anyone Can Read Tarot

While it is true that intuition plays a huge role in the interpretations of the cards coming from the deck, you don´t have to be particularly spiritual or gifted in any sense to read tarot.

In short, anyone can learn how to do it and do it.


Tarot is by far the most popular method of divination in the world and these facts bring it closer to all people. If you haven´t done it, maybe it´s time to give it a try.