Finding The Magic On Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are all about intuition. It tells you about the possibilities that may arise due to your present situation or may arise as a result of decisions you make in your present. When you go to a tarot reader, you will be asked to pick any three cards which will represent your past, present, and future. Once you do so, the tarot card reader will make a few predictions and opportunities based on the kind of cards you pick out.

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Why Was Tarot Used?

The catch here is that there are many types of tarot cards decks. It depends on what you want to know about- either it is love life or career. After selecting your deck, all you have to do is to pull three cards in succession and get the predictions from the reader without any judgment and assumptions. Sometimes, you shall get contradictory opinions as well, but most of the times, these situations get you in the same position where you have to be.

Initially, tarot wasn’t introduced to predict your future but to open your unconscious mind and to help your conscious mind to think. Tarot readings were supposed to motivate people to achieve difficult aims in life.

Basically, it used to be a tool to get self-knowledge and to understand what destiny has planned for you. Many people don’t believe in the concept of tarot, or the magic in them. However, in all honesty, tarot is just a way to know your subconscious desires and your idea to approach towards it.

Different Tarot Cards

There are different cards such as:

  • Destiny,
  • The fool,
  • The ruler,
  • The high priest,
  • The lovers,
  • The car,
  • The force,
  • The hermit,
  • The hanged man,
  • Death,
  • The magician,
  • Moderation,
  • The high priestess,
  • The devil,
  • The star,
  • The moon,
  • The sun,
  • Justice,
  • The court,
  • The tower,
  • The Empress,
  • The world and many more.

Depending on the deck you choose, there are a variety of cards, and each of these cards has significant meanings as well. Choose them, and you will surely get answers to your question for sure.

For example, if you pick a card and it turns out to be ‘The ruler’, then it tells that you desire for stability and security rather than adventure or uncertainty. This card tells the sense of order, discipline, and responsibility. If you have picked up this card then most probably you are the one with rigidity in his mind, and you aim for being perfect everywhere.

Similarly, if you pick up ‘The high priest’ card, then you are supposedly you are a very trustworthy person and believe in ethics and right-wrong concept more than anyone at any time and every time. It also says that you keep your virtue and ethics ahead every time, no matter what the situation may be.

The above cards were only examples of what kind of answers you might get about yourself either you are confused with your personality or the future. Also, it is a very good way to realize what is the goal that you want to achieve irrespective of the life that you are leading right now at present before you think about your readings.