What Kind of “New You” Should You Seek to Be in the New Year? It’s All in the Cards…

2017 was one hell of a year! The political circus performing for us all on TV and social media kept us glued to the edge of our seats, to say nothing of the personal successes and failures we experienced in life with regard to love, family, work, money, the pursuit of happiness and many, many more matters. Hindsight is 20/20, yet we all feel the intoxicating desire to look back and say “if I knew then what I know now, how could my life be better?” While we can’t grant you access to a time machine to go and fix the past, we can recommend that you take a little time to study your future as written in Tarot cards, and get a leg-up on your prospects for 2018:

No Stealing – Danger For Young Perls

Are you into stealing? You should stop it as soon as possible. 2018 is going to be year of many spectacular catches. LGBT community already know about it and their informational adult-themed series of Young Perps (take a look at videos here) is getting a lot of attention. It’s basically showing what kind of punishment you should expect caught in certain retail shops. That’s taboo approach to a big social problem, but as you should know LGBT guys are known for being bold.


2018 is the year of justice, which means that the consequences of our past actions are coming due.The scales of justice seek balance, past wrongs must be righted and karmic debts must be paid. What does this mean for you? Well, for starters, you should be prepared to make amends to anyone you wronged in the past year if at all possible to avoid experiencing the misfortune you caused them for yourself. If someone has wronged you, be gracious in accepting their apologies and offers for rectitude, but only if you believe they are sincere. Justice will prevail on a cosmic level whether or not it suits our personal needs; our atonements can help, but they alone will not affect the universe’s drive towards karmic balance.

The Present: Six of Wands

The six of wands card indicates that there will be victory in your life in the near future, heralded by a popular new leader. What leaders do you know and admire? Who is standing up for justice in your life? Identify this person and get behind them; if no such individual makes themselves present in your mind or world, you may need to step up and be the Justice Warrior your life needs.

The Future: Page of Cups

The page of cups is a harbinger of good news; he brings love, hope, and inspiration. After the chaos that was 2017, we all could use some hope and inspiration. Keep your eyes open for inspirational people and try to incorporate them into your life. Let them bring out the best in you so you, in turn, can spread hope, love, and light.

Sage Advice: The High PriestessHigh Priestess

The high priestess is a symbol of the feminine consciousness coming to fruition after a long period of chaos and destruction brought on by patriarchal rule. This is the year of woman’s wisdom and feminine intelligence; now is the time to follow your intuition over precedence. Take care of yourself, those around you, and Mother Earth as a whole. The Priestess often works behind the scenes; this means that your acts of kindness and care may not always be immediately recognized or shown the gratitude they deserve. Put aside your need for immediate thanks and appreciation, and be content in the knowledge that your own little acts of love and nurturance, even if secret, contribute to bringing justice to this world in 2018.

Of course, Tarot cannot predict exactly what is going to happen in every aspect of your life for the upcoming year-destiny is yours to fulfill! Still, the trends and symbols read in the cards direct you to be kind, caring, honest, inspired and fair, so as to make your 2018 the very best it can possibly be!