Tarot Cards Facts You May Not Know

The Tarot, which started as being used to play games in the mid 15th century, soon began to be used for divination and for future prediction in the late 18th century. The origin of tarot is ambiguous; some believe that it originated from Milan or Bologna while many believe it is from Northern Italy.

Popular Card Game

The tarot cards were actually first used to play games. During the 18th century, tarot card games became the most popular card game all over Europe. In 1970, tarot card games became highly renowned in France and have one of the strongest tarot cards gaming community.


The reading of tarot cards is called Tarotology. Here it is believed that by posting a question to the cards, one can peek into the past, gain insight into the present and predict the future. This form of cartomancy has gained popularity far and wide over the period of time since 1780.

Here are few facts about tarot cards that are lesser known

  • Tarot cards had no numbers originally
  • The first tarot cards, seen in Northern Italy, had no numbers. They only had pictures.
  • Tarot cards is not connected to the occult

In 1780, Jean-Baptiste Alliete constructed the idea of tarot cards as magical. After Jean-Baptiste Alliete, Antoine Court deGebelin, wrote a book on tarot cards that offered the studies based on the symbolism of tarot cards and connecting it to the occult.

Major arcana and minor arcana

The tarot card deck has a total of 78 cards that is further divided into two distinct parts; the major arcana and the minor arcana. The major arcana reveal the greater secrets while the minor arcana are to dig out lesser secrets.

Different meaning for the same card

Each card, including all the major arcana and minor arcana, can have two interpretation or meaning that can be either positive or negative. Sometimes a negative card might have a positive meaning and vice versa.

Elements of star sign in tarot

Similar the elements of star sign that is Earth, Air, Water, and Fire, the tarot also have pentacles (earth), swords (air), cups (water) and wands (fire). The pentacles indicate changes and success in work life, career, and finances. The sword shows changes or development in the negative areas in life. The cups are used to understand the future of relationships and emotions. The wands are related to motivations and projects.

Tarot cards and Oracle cards are different

While many get confused regarding the similarity between tarot cards and oracle cards and sometimes are thought to be the same, they are actually different. The oracle does not have a specific number of cards and has some cards similar to the tarot cards. Some oracle cards have angels as a theme.

The tarot card reading is believed to offer emotional and spiritual guidance. It can help predict the future. At the same time, tarot card readings are also weighed as a pseudoscience and have no scientific merit or evidence.